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progress through the day we will see it over spread the state. from the city northwest, sleet, snow, rain start. with everything light before changing to rain. south and east of the city this will be just rain. everything will be light. this is not a big storm system. doesn't have lot of moisture. then that gets out of here, as another one moves in. this next one is a different story. coming from the south. up the coast. wednesday and thursday. it has more moisture, energy and a better chance of bringing rain and snow to the state. mix line up over maryland. nor significant snow -- more significant snow to the northwest. next weekend, yet another storm system saturday and sunday. on the waters tomorrow, winds 5- 10 nots. damp afternoon. moggy also -- foggy also. tonight 30 degrees. clouds come in. tomorrow the storm arrives. we could see a wintery mix, changing to a rain mix. wednesday and thursday a bigger storm system. rain snow mix is possible. saturday into sunday another one that will bring colder air. early out look, adam, the new year's e
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1